280SL Mercedes

When the Mercedes SL series first came onto the scene during the 1960s, many fell in love with this up-to-date sports tourer. While size and performance were similar to other Mercedes’ series, the 280SL had an undeniable added luxury.

At Tony LaBella Classic Cars, we specialize in the restoration and sale of these European classic cars. Our restoration process begins with a higher quality car, so you are sure to receive a higher quality end result.

When dealing with a classic car such as the 280SL, the details make all the difference. These vintage sports cars were made for touring in luxury, which is why Tony LaBella Classic Cars takes the extra time needed to ensure that every minute detail is taken care of and is the epitome of excellence. From the most minor detail of the interior to the most difficult engine compartment details our 280SL Mercedes are not only in pristine condition, but are also concours correct. Our restoration process is meticulously thorough and we exhaust all avenues to make certain the customer receives nothing less than perfection. Next Car Click Here

Tony LaBella Classic Cars provides such comprehensive service and detailing because we are classic car lovers, just like you. Each restoration is unique and we put our heart and soul into each one. Contact Tony LaBella Classic Cars today to own the car of your dreams.